About Us

Terrain Machine™ is from the minds at ImperialTerrain.com

Being a company founded and run by wargamers themselves, Imperial Terrain has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality and unique terrain models to sci-fi gamers. Building on their industry knowledge and through close collaboration with gamers around the world, the Terrain Machine delivers on the desire for personally customized terrain while solving the challenges of designing and building it faster and easier.


Terrain Machine Team

  • Dave – Acting Idea guy who takes customers desires and converts them into actionable tasks for the developers. Also the 3d modeler behind the Imperial Terrain branded themes in the app.
  • Volodymyr – Head developer and math wizard.
  • Wilk – Backend engineer extraordinaire, he insures the machine is able to operate at maximum efficiency
  • Olivia – System governor and customer relations, marketing, automation
  • Shawn – UI / Website designer. Able to translate jumble from Daves’ mind and make sense of it


Senior Testers who have helped since the beginning –

  • Erion
  • RandomDude13
  • Ghengiska
  • walternate