Cantina Theme

MM Scale
Editable Parts
The amount of Layouts and Parts can grow over time!

The Cantina theme from Jesús Labiano is here exclusively on the Terrain Machine. Choose the size of the Cantina you want to configure and begin customizing walls, roof sections, and greebles. The Terrain Machine will create the customized STLs for you to download.

There has never been anything like this kind of terrain before.

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Get hands on, we know you'll love it

You can test drive the theme inside the app, play with all the layouts and explore — All for free.

#1: Log into the app
#2: Select 32mm scale
#3: Select the Cantina theme
#4: Pick a layout, and get building!

This theme designed by:

Jesús Labiano

Find him on Instagram.


I spent my kids' college fund on TM credits and filled every square inch of my house with prints, my family left me but I have my Vando mini to talk to so it's okay. Ten out of ten, recommended.
John Doe
Plastic Appreciator