Update: 1.1.07

Release 1.1.07 (15 December 2020)

New Features:

  • MeshMerger technology implemented
  • Models that are editable are easily seen when you move your mouse over them in the design area [Customer Request]
  • Camera commands tutorial [Customer Request]
  • Workshop opens directly after saving of design for easy STL creation [Customer Request]
  • Modelers are able to include Clips, or instructions alongside their files in the Zip download

Known Bugs:

  • Models that include built in supports, the supports are bugged and rotated the wrong direction
  • App does not work on MacOS Big Sur and Chrome (Researching)
  • Model outline does not work in Safari on Mac (Researching)

Bugs Fixed:

  • When saving designs with more than 1 platform, changes would not save to other platforms
  • If a model is not available to be used when customizing a part, it is no longer shown in the menu